Short Sales Assistance by an Experienced Team

Are you behind with your mortgage payments?

Don’t know what to do?

Have you been trying to apply for Modification and received the answer DECLINED?

More and more homeowners find themselves in a short sale situation where they owe more to a lender than what they will receive from the proceeds of their property once it is sold. There are solutions to this problem but not every agent is equally experienced or adept at handling these situations. I have a proven track record of helping sellers get these properties sold and be able to move on with their lives.

Need to Stop Foreclosure – I can help!

Short Sale Specialist and Member of a Special Team dedicated to getting short sale properties in Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs sold and closed.

“I met Mary Anderson about three years ago, when I needed to Short sell my home. She was the only agent that knew how to handle it for me and sold the home right when we needed to. She also helped locate a new home for my x-husband and is now assisting with a rental for myself.”
Satisfied Client

The benefits of working with us

  • No closing cost to the seller/owner
  • No Attorney fees to seller/owner
  • Property sold before foreclosed
  • Remaining balance forgiven in writing
  • Years of experience with all major lenders

Call us at (708) 860-4041 or (708)351-7178

Short Sale Team Members
Mary Jean Andersen & Ruta Usaviciute
Short Sale Attorney Dennis Koonce
Burnet Title Executive Colleen O’Brien