School Information For Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs

Orland Park Schools

Schools in Orland Park, Palos Park and the surrounding Southwest Suburbs of Chicago add to the desirability of the area. One of the factors that can have a huge effect on not only the value of real estate but the quality of life in a community is local schools. There are a variety of different ways to assess schools. On this page I have added links that my clients find most helpful.

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Top School Resources and Links

Illinois School Report cards– This is the most popular place to start research on schools. The source I use is from Northern Illinois University which bills itself as “the premier web site for test results and other school improvement information for Illinois schools.” Here you can search for schools, test scores and much more

Catholic High Schools and Catholic Elementary Schools in the Chicago Area– Many communities in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago have Catholic Schools as well as public schools. These links will help you find Catholic Schools.

Area Wide School Finder– You can use the map below to find information about local schools. Try dragging the map to move around the area. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can follow the link at the bottom of the map to find information about 8200 Illinois Schools.

National School Information– Great Schools™provides timely information about schools throughout the country.